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BNI Business Team Networking With A Twist!

Source: BNI Business Team Nottingham
Date: 04.29.13

Dear Members,

Thank you for another great meeting last week. The 60 second swap draw worked very well, provided a bit of fun, and I would like to say thank you for the positive feedback we received from members afterwards. It’s nice to get feedback when we get something right.

 The 1-2-1 competition seems to be running along nicely. John Jenkinson is in the lead at the moment with six 1-2-1’s, followed closely by Alex Graham on five. Don’t forget to write your 1-2-1’s on a referral slip and put it in as the referral tray comes round.

 Thanks also for a very positive contribution section with over 20 referrals and 14 visitor invite postcards handed in. This visitor invite initiative seems to be working very well as I don’t recall anybody not having something to hand in.

 Finally we have our visitors day on the 22nd May. We will be sending out some wording for any e-mail or postal invites you may want to send. Ideally these need to sent over the next couple of week so the people who you invite have time to arrange their diaries.

 See you Wednesday,


 P.S.  If you are struggling to bring a contribution to the meeting (referral, visitor or testimonial) please bring a completed postcard invite with the details of a company or business owner, that you want to invite along and we will post it off and keep a record of all invites.

 Doing this will help the chapter in two ways.

  •  Firstly, it will help us market and grow the chapter.
  •  Secondly, it keeps the contribution section positive by ensuring everybody can bring something to the meeting.

 It will also show to any visitors we have that we’re proactively building the value in the group. The invite doesn’t have to even be somebody you know. It can quite simply be from the yellow pages or a web search.

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