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BNI Events

Source: Events Co-ordinator
Date: 08.31.11

All BNI Members, please find below the forthcoming BNI Events:

Show me the money day

A whole day devoted to helping your grow your business from BNI, helping you focus on getting the best return on your membership investment. A day when BNI helps you get the most from BNI and your business.

Member Success Program

Member Success Program, incorporating New Member Orientation, is an essential element of BNI membership. This training provides important guidance on how to make the most of membership and maximise the return on investment in this word-of-mouth referral system. Topics covered include how to help your members to refer to you, how to build relationships and trust more quickly and some of the pitfalls to avoid in your chapter meetings. 

Bringing Visitors

Visitors are a vital part of growing our chapters, every visitor represents a potential new client or supplier, apart from a potential new member. If you have ever wondered how some members manage to bring visitors week after week then come along to this workshop to find out how. This workshop will cover some of the chapter development content but will focus more on the techniques and scripts of inviting and will help you to build your confidence when inviting guests along to your chapter meetings.

Just click on the link below if you’d like to attend any of them.


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