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Creative Power Team

Source: Mark Leary
Date: 06.21.11

We are having a Power Team visitors day for the Creative Team on the 29th June.

Well... as me and Craig (graphic design and web design) are feeling rather lonely on our own (in the creative team), we’d like a few other professions to join our team and with your help we might be able to get them along.

Do you know any of the following that you could invite to the meeting next week?:

PHOTOGRAPHER – Preferably a versatile one who’s used to working with design agencies rather just a wedding photographer, i.e they’re used to studio shots of products, but are equally adept at landscape, sports, photo-journalism and fashion photography... If possible!

PRINTER – The best printer we could have as a member would be one who doesn’t offer a design or web design service, so could fit in well with me and Craig. Ideally they would have the ability to print 4 colour process and spot colours as well as digital.

MARKETING COMPANY – One that out-sources it’s design and web work would be great, this could be a really good source of referrals for both of us.

SIGNAGE COMPANY – Ideally they could supply all types of signage inc banners etc.

EVENTS COMPANY – Ideally a company used to putting on large corporate events, seminars, exhibitions, again, if they out-source their design, even better.

VIDEO PRODUCTION/FILM MAKER – Somebody used to shooting corporate videos that has a creative flair.

Sorry, I know it’s a bit long winded, but if you can help, please do!

Contact us if you know someone in one of these categories, who might like to work with us.

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