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Different Types of Networkers?

Source: Rob Brown (Networking Guru)
Date: 06.21.10

There are many ways you can classify the different types of networkers. There are many ways to distinguish the various networking animals.

- Their reason for going (business hunters, profile raisers)
- Their skill level (novices, intermediates, professionals)
- Their frequency of networking (ad hoc, regular, junkees)
- Type of event (calorie counters, winos, speed networkers)

Of course, there are more. In a recent brainstorming exercise with some of the leading networking practitioners, thought leaders and influencers in East Midlands, we came up with the following types. You will see that they cut across many of the above classifications.

  1. Monogamous Networkers. They only attend one group or club and stick religiously to that one because (in they're eyes) it gives them everything they need from a networking event. As a result, their network is fairly one dimensional and sometimes insular. They often fail to build the strong and diverse network needed to be a real networking pro.
  2. Serial Networkers. These are your networking tarts, card collectors, braggers who seem to be everywhere, networking with everyone. They are poor at following up and rather than create lasting relationships, focus their energies on starting a fresh with new relationships.
  3. Social Networkers. These people just go because they are lonely. They go for the gossip, the chat and for the fun of it. They are party animals, extroverts and crowd lovers. They are not particularly committed to the process and not particularly effective at networking but they do tend to be good company!
  4. Sales Based Networkers. You've seen these a lot. They thrust business cards in your hand within moments of meeting you, and are far too keen to make a sale. They put the sale before the relationship and the deal before the due diligence. They move around a lot because people get wise to their pushy tactics.
  5. Serious Networkers. These are the committed, strategic and professional players. They are highly skilled, highly organised and highly effective. They have good education and great contacts that they build and leverage diligently. Only two percent of the population are in this group.
  6. Amateur Networkers. These people think they are professional but do not have a networking strategy, do not set networking goals and end up networking 'with the handbrake on'. They are professional networking wannabees. They want the results and the kudos of the pros but as yet have not undertaken the education and built up the skills.Internal Networkers. If you work for a big organisation or a huge company, then you probably meet all the people you think you need to meet on a day to day basis. You may play the political game internally to enhance your promotion prospects and career opportunities. You have little concept of networking in the outside world.
  7. Networking Newbies. You are new to the networking game. Like a rabbit in the headlights, you are bewildered by the choice and bewildered about the sheer volume of dark suits and slick talking business people out there who all seem to be more proficient than yourself.
  8. Networking Students. Ever seen people that just turn up to hear the speakers and attend the seminars? These are the avid learners and personal development junkees that are more into the workshops and the education side than the actual execution. They spend so much time learning, but they rarely spend any time doing. If they could only implement, they wouldn't be half bad!
  9. Online Networkers. These introverts are more comfortable setting up profiles on all kinds of social and business networking sites than actually attending real live events. They could network face to face but prefer the security and speed and even the impersonal nature of the online experience.
  10. One-Time Networkers. They turn up for one event and claim that networking is not for them. 'I tried it once and I didn't get any business!' They don't commit to the necessary building of visibility and credibility. As a result, they should not be surprised when the results of their networking amount to a big fat nothing.
  11. Anti-Networkers. These are poisonous, bad mouthers and networking renegades. They have had a bad experience (which of course was not their fault) and want to tell the whole world how bad it was. They will discourage you from networking and frequently steer you to other means of business development such as cold calling, advertising and internet marketing.

This list is by no means exhaustive. I am sure you can think of other types of networkers. I've done this list to show you how to recognise the various types of people you see at your own networking events. Here are four final questions to help you raise your networking game:

  • Which kind of networker are you?
  • Which kind of networker would you like to be?
  • Which kind of networker do you seem to meet most often?
  • Which kind of networker do you need to get away from the most?

All of my work is dedicated to helping you network in the top two percent. My networking and referral generation seminars and coaching programs take your natural talent, build in the necessary skill and add the required education to make your networking the most powerful tool in your reputation building and lead generation arsenal.

If you are interested in one of my seminars or a coaching program, call me on 07855 710 201 to set up a complimentary fifteen minute consultation. Happy networking!

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