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60 Seconds to Success

Source: Rob Brown (Networking Guru)
Date: 06.09.10

The Secrets to a Great Elevator Speech. Your elevator speech is one of your most powerful networking tools, providing you get it right.

Alas, few people actually do!

Your answer to the 'what do you do?' question will be asked in 98% of conversations with a stranger! So we know this much:

  1. You are going to be asked what you do.
  2. You will need to deliver this in the right way first time.
  3. Your wealth, you profits, your job security and your livelihood depends on your anwer.

There are a few rules for making your elevator speech. Once you know the rules, you can deliver something that gets results. You want people to listen, pay attention, take some kind of action and hopefully remember what you've said. That way they can tell others. That's called word of mouth.

The ultimate response to your engaging introduction should prompt a FOLLOW UP QUESTION. You know your elevator speech has 'landed' and made its mark when your audience replies with something like:

  • That's interesting - tell me more!
  • Really? How do you do that?
  • So what does that involve?
  • I know someone you should talk to...

If they reply by telling you what they do or some other response that has little to do with you or your job, then you've missed your opportunity.

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